• Caitlin Lucas

Why Your Small Business Needs A Marketing Plan

The word marketing is strangely broad. In this one word, we expect the definition to encompass so many business needs like social media, advertising, public relations, digital awareness, branding and much, much more.

How can one word like marketing clearly define all of this? It doesn’t very well, and we believe that is why marketing is often discounted. There is a major lack of understanding. Even worse, is when there are marketing efforts in place, there is a lack of strategy behind the placement.

Without the multi-facets of a marketing campaign, your business may never reach its potential. You can offer the best services and products in your industry, but if the right audience is unaware how can you succeed? Your business needs a marketing plan.

In fact, businesses with a documented strategy are 313% more likely to be successful (yes, you read that correctly) – meaning businesses who put together a strategic marketing plan clearly see desired results.

A true marketing plan takes into account who your customer is and where your customer is. Approaches vary from traditional and digital advertising, social media, reputation management, brand development, media relations, and various others. Which approach your business should use varies on your goals.

Have we sold you on the necessity of a marketing plan? Great, because we truly believe in its value! To get you started, we’ve listed 4 simple steps below on how to build a marketing plan for your business:

1. Know your goals and your budget. Determining your goals is everything in a marketing plan. Do you want to gain brand awareness? Specifically increase the number of phone calls or emails your business receives? Maybe you are releasing a new product and want to focus on making this item your number one seller. Regardless of your goals, you’ll need to define them and set a clear budget to determine how to best meet (and exceed) your business goals.

2. Create an annual calendar. Include literally everything! This can range from the big annual event that happens at the end of the year to even National Cupcake Day (if your business sells desserts and this is applicable). You get the gist though; include it all, because including these details will help align the messaging.

3. Separate the year into segments. To explain a little better, here is how we, at Amplify, set the plan: Start by broadly planning the entire year (you’ve done this in step 2). Yes, I know this can get overwhelming which is why you’ll learn how we break this down. Once the broad picture is painted, focus on each quarter. We like to review this every 30 days making adjustments where needed for future campaigns. We know you’re busy, and it’s easy to let key events or plans fall when you’re in your busy season or struggling to keep up day-to-day. By planning ahead strategically, you’re setting your business up for success and segmenting your annual plan keeps you organized and productive with your marketing efforts.

4. Align messaging and tactics. Finally, it’s time to strategically plan how to best reach your audience! Now that you know what your goals are for the year, you have allotted a specific budget and know what is coming up on the calendar, it’s time to get creative and determine the messaging and tactics to reach your audience on a segmented basis. As we mentioned before there are various tactics you can use, and the messaging is all dependent on your brand.

We hope you take these tips and put them into practice for your small business! However, if you're struggling to form a strategic marketing plan for your business please contact us at We'd love to help your business reach your ideal audience!

At Amplify, we understand that when we combine our strategy and creativity with your personal business expertise, we’re able to achieve your goals and leverage marketing campaigns that will help your business reach its full potential - bringing your business straight to the ears of your ideal customer. We believe in building the brands of small businesses to let their brand be heard by the masses and would love to help you today!



You’re the expert when it comes to your business, and we’re the experts in marketing. Together, we’d make a pretty great team to amplify your business and let your brand be heard. 


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